About Us



Centre for War Victims and Human Rights (CWVHR) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, human rights organization.  Our primary focus and activity are monitoring and documenting human rights violations.  We encourage and support the universal values of human rights.  Through evidence collection and verification, we aim to assist the war victims in pursuit of justice against their perpetrators.

Denial of freedom of speech and press, arbitrary arrest, unlawful detention, torture, disappearance, extra-judicial killing, massacre, sexual violence, and genocide are human rights violations carried out by states and non state actors.  Often, many laws are in violation of fundamental human rights.  CWVHR works to collect evidence and documentation of human rights violations, and presents them to the international community, and to other human rights advocates.

We believe that verified, evidence based documentation of human rights violations to be a key human rights instrument.  We believe monitoring and being vigilant about rights violations to be a preventive mechanism against violations.  Thus, we seek the support of individuals, communities, and organizations in protecting war victims, and promoting human rights.