Centre for War Victims & Human Rights

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Who are we?
Center for War Victims & Human Rights (CWVHR) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, human rights organization.  CWVHR documents information on war victims and human rights violations.   CWVHR promotes Human Rights at national and international levels, and works to spread the knowledge and values of human rights.

How does CWVHR carry out its work?
We focus on documentation, research, education, and advocacy.  Wecollect detail, objective and cross-checked victim stories.  Our research focuses on collecting all related media reports and information from direct local sources.  We are establishing a library and plan to publish reports and newsletters with an aim to increase awareness about human rights.  We will assist with legal actionagainst human right violators.

What has CWVHR achieved so far?
Tens of thousands of people have been displaced, starved, maimed and killed as the tragedy unfolds in Sri Lanka.  Many people in Toronto have relatives among the victims.  A group of volunteers established a memorial hall for the people to grief and get through the healing process.  As the volunteers were participating in this process, they realized the importance of documenting the victim’s stories and the need to bring attention and justice to those victims.  The CWVHR documentation process was developed in accordance to meet the international acceptable standards.    Now, it has been extended to more than 10 countries.  We are opening our center in Toronto.

Does CWVHR work with other organizations?
We are willing to work with organizations that share our principles and objectives.  Currently, we are working with internationally recognized organizations and have established local contacts.

How secure are the data and how can we hold you accountable?
Our web application is highly secure.  We use technologies such as SSL, and encryption to keep the information safe.  Our processes have granular access control, and auditing systems.  All CWVHR members are trained to abide the rules and regulations of the Canadian Privacy Act. The organization takes full responsibility for the confidentiality and security of the system.

How does CWVHR fact check the information?
Currently, most of our information collected about victims is from their relatives or friends.  We verify reporter's identity.  We document the information objectively, and collect all supporting documents.  Then our research team cross checks the information with media reports, public records, and with other direct sources.

How is the organization governed and what is the decision making process?
CWVHR is a grassroots organization which seeks consensus among members for all major decisions.  We are organized into documentation, research, campaign, tech, and administration teams.   The strategic leadership is provided by a democratically elected board.

Who finances CWVHR?
The majority of our funds come from member fees and individual donors.  Most of our work is carried out by volunteers.

How can we help CWVHR?
First you can help us by providing information about war victims and human rights violations.  Our documentation and advocacy efforts require considerable human and material resources.  You can help us by volunteering with us or by making a donation.  We have well defined programs; high school and university students are welcomed to join us to gain valuable research skills, community organizing and technology skills.

How can I report a case?
You can come to our office (705 Progress Avenue, Unit 106, Scarborough), or call as at 416-628-1408 to make an appointment.  For more information, please visit our website at www.cwvhr.org

Do you provide direct assistance to victims?
We refer victims to people and organizations who provide direct assistance.  At this point in time, we do not have resources to provide direct assistance.

What are the challenges that CWVHR faces?
As an organization, we are always trying grow our resources, and strengthen our processes to expand our activities. Currently it is dangerous for us to do ground work in the worst affected areas.

Would you release this information to any sources at present and would it affect our relatives living in the camps?
We will not give this information to anyone without your consent.  We will not jeopardize the safety of the people in the camp

Why should I report, even if the victim is already deceased/killed?
Every life has value and every death should be accounted for.  Every person who registers a death helps us by strengthening the evidence and data that we have to document the atrocities happening in Sri Lanka. This brings us one step closer towards justice for the civilians suffering in camps.


War Victim Documentation

Information Collection

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New Zealand

If you live in a country that is not listed above, please contact us by email at dm@cwvhr.org or call us at 1-416-628-1408.

Volunteer wtih us

CWVHR is looking for volunteers who could help with data entry, research, writing and web content management. If you would like to help, please contact us at 416-628-1408 or email us at dm@cwvhr.org

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