Centre for War Victims & Human Rights

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Our Teams


The Documentation Team is responsible for documenting war crimes and human rights violations by listening to victim stories, recording them in the web application, and verifying the information. It provides statistical reports, and presents selected stories to the public. It provides training, and co-ordination for data collection in several countries.


The Research Team focuses on detail collection of events related to human rights violations.  It cross checks the information from the victims documentation. Also, the team researchs and publishs fact sheets and reports on genocides, human rights laws, and related material.  The Research Team consists of experienced researchers and high school, college and university students.


The Campaign Team works to raise awareness about human rights violations, laws, plight of the victims, and the importance of documentation.  The team uses TV ad campaings, articles on newspapers and magazines, pamphlets, web, radio, outreach through events, and street campaigning to communicate its message.  The campaign team works with other human rights organizations such as Amnesty International that share our principles.


The Technical Team develops, maintains and supports the web application used for documentation, and the cwvhr web site. The team consists of professional developers.  It currently working on an Events Database and Interface.


The Adminstration Team supports the work through transparant, responsible operation of the center.  It works to sustain cwvhr work by seeking reliable funding, and by creating and maintaining an open, creative volunteer community.


War Victim Documentation

Information Collection

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New Zealand

If you live in a country that is not listed above, please contact us by email at dm@cwvhr.org or call us at 1-416-628-1408.

Volunteer wtih us

CWVHR is looking for volunteers who could help with data entry, research, writing and web content management. If you would like to help, please contact us at 416-628-1408 or email us at dm@cwvhr.org

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