Why Submit?

1. We do not have many options to legitimately document on the extent of the crime committed against our people, on our own.

2. A UN Panel, no matter what mandate it has – the findings are still valid in the eyes of the world, whether it is today or in the future.

3. Only the victims – by and large the people there and abroad has the primary code of evidence.

4. The Diaspora is in the ultimate positive zone than those in Sri Lanka, to provide undiluted submissions to the commission.

5. Many unknown atrocities, destructions, abuses and killings, both past and the present might have been distinctively known to the Diaspora through their loved ones there – it may seem common but unique, and has to be brought out to the civilized world.

6. Implementing International Justice takes time and need patience. The Institutional powers at times wait for the regimes to loose power before they open their Courts and the vaults of evidence.

7. As such it is critical that all the evidences no matter how small, has to be brought forward – not only to serve justice but legitimately write our collective history.

8. The consideration for financial compensation, if ever forced or placed for consideration – these submissions would become a gold trove, for at least to provide some dignity to those who lost their belongings, limps, loved ones and sanity.


Center for War Victims and Human Rights (CWVHR) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, human rights organization. We believe that verified, evidence based documentation of human rights violations to be a key preventive and protective human rights instrument.